Teams for customers, businesses, bots and things

Your team deserves a better conversation with your customers and suppliers.

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Next Generation Teamware

A Complete Solution for Business Networking

We have engineered a new teamware solution that takes into account the need to converse with not only your own team but also customers, vendors and partners - to deliver a complete solution for business teamware networking.

Conversant’s goal is to provide anyone with an easy to use place to continue an ongoing conversation with your team and collaborate on anything.

Conversation Re-Imagined

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Imagine being able to link a Google Doc, a PDF file, a 3D model, a map, a video or any other media and be able to visually share it with everyone in the conversation, at the same time. Imagine if everyone could interact with it live as well.

One of Conversant’s great strengths is the ability to simplify any discussion by making sure everyone can see, manipulate and edit the same visuals and the same information simultaneously. Its a powerful upgrade from the old chat paradigm.

Every Team Has a Dedicated Bot

You and Your Bot vs. the World.

Your Team Bot helps coordinate team tasks, workspace transactions with clients, workspace notices and searching for things of interest. Its like having a unobtrusive assistant to help keep track of the fire hose of information coimg out of each team.

The Team Bot has been designed with a robust API that will also help it coordinate with other bots like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana as well as a mryiad of IoT and smart devices. Its your Bot and it has your back.

Customers Use Messaging

Engage Your Next 4 Billion Customers Where They Live.

Conversant has a unique range of messaging tools available to engage, delight and deliver new customers. More than half of all messaging app users say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Let's go make that happen.

Conversant is prepared for a world where soon, your customers will want to shop with you through their own messaging bots. Your human agents and bots should be ready too.

Work with Partners, Vendors and Contractors

Team Up with the Businesses Who Help You With Yours.

Conversant integrates with other teamware solutions like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Hipchat and even good old fashioned email. Bring your partners and suppliers into secure workspaces you control and profit from the efficiency of B2B collaboration.

More and more businesses are looking to modern teamware solutions to stay agile, competitive and useful to their clients. Conversant can create an open line of collaboration with any of them.